Botox medical migraines and Botox headache treatment in tucson

Botox® Medical Migraines

What a relief!  Now debilitating headaches are just a bad memory.

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Botox® Treatment of Chronic Headache - Introduction

The medical community has embraced the the neurotoxin commonly known as Botox® for its use in treating patients with certain neuromuscular conditions. In 2010, the FDA approved the use of onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox Cosmetic) in the treatment of Chronic Migraines. Dr. Cadoux also utilizes Botox® to treat patients with muscle tension headaches.

Botox® Treatment of Muscle Tension Headache

For people with chronic muscle tension headaches, Botox® injections will weaken the muscles that spasm and cause the pain. With the muscles treated, the spasms no longer occur and the headaches are significantly minimized or averted all together.

Botox® Treatment of Migraine Headache

As for migraines, most are “complex”- meaning they are part vascular, and the vascular component triggers muscle spasms in the head. Botox® goes straight to the muscle, limiting its use and hence reducing or eliminating spasms. The result is either significantly diminished intensity and frequency of migraines, or elimination of migraines all together. In Dr. Cadoux’s personal experience he has found it highly effective in about 80% of the migraine patients he has treated.

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