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Cosmelan MD
The top level of Cosmelan which allows us to individually customize the levels of lightening ingredients best suited to your needs. Cosmelan MD is designed to treat
melasma (pregnancy mask), age spots, sun spots and other pigmentation issues.

You are not limited to the use of Cosmelan because of skin type or time of year. Cosmelan is effective for both men and women who suffer from discoloration caused by excess pigmentation the forehead, cheeks, upper lip or neck.

Cosmelan is the answer to dark spots and mottled pigmentation, especially on the face. These discolorations are one of the greatest aesthetic concerns facing men and women today. Instead of covering your face with heavy make-up or foundation, return your skin to its natural tone.

The Cosmelan depigmentation treatment is very effective. Only by affecting the skin's melanin (color-producing pigment) formation can a person suffering from brown spots obtain a clearing or blending of their skin.

Cosmelan improves your skin tone in a safe, non-invasive manner. It's very effective for all types of melasma. The procedure is rapid and easy. The product is compatible with all skin types, and the light peeling effect rejuvenates and increases luminosity of the skin.

Treatments can start and be used all year round. The process involves a versatile program easily adapted to the needs of each individual patient and is highly effective on Hispanic skins.

Developed in Spain, Cosmelan de-pigmentation begins with a “leave on mask” which results in a skin peel. Following the peel, you will continue with easy to follow home-care products.

The intensive action ingredients in Cosmelan MD include hydroquinone and retinoic acid. Hydroquinone will staunch the pigmentation cycle while retinoic acid encourages quick cell turnover. This helps you to more quickly shed brown patches and discoloration. The combination ingredients are an excellent combination which has been shown to provide a superior removal of old pigment and suppression of new pigment.

Your At-Home Cosmelan Program will consist of active-ingredient products you will use on a consistent basis to further improve pigmentation problems and prevent excess pigment formation. Your maintenance cream, Cosmelan II, will be used on a ongoing basis. This special pigment control cream contains ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid and a protective agent, Titanium Dioxide.

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What are the restrictions for using Cosmelan?
You may not use Cosmelan if you are a pregnant or nursing woman, or have been using Accutane for the past 6 month. Your medical history will be reviewed, and it will be determined if you are a candidate for the treatment.

Are there any side effects to Cosmelan treatment?
The skin becomes reddened, and you will experience a light peeling effect. You will be instructed to use your moisturizer and a daily sun block SPF 30 or greater. During any periods of prolonged sun exposure, you will be instructed to wear a hat and your sun block.

Is Cosmelan a one time treatment or a series?
Most will achieve desirable results with one application of the peel. Occasionally you will need to repeat the process. You will need to continue with the maintenance program to prevent darkening of the pigment.


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