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Uplifting Ultrasound: the Ultimate in Non-invasive Facial Contouring

Monday, October 28, 2013

We are pleased to now offer Ultherapy®Amplify, the newest and more comfortable version of the highly effective, original Ulthera Technology.  Ultherapy®Amplify is the only FDA approved non-invasive, non-surgical, facelift alternative for lifting and tightening the skin on the neck, jawline, face and brow.
No scars, little to no downtime, an in-office procedure, and natural results - we love this technology!   With one treatment your skin will look lifted and toned, giving you noticeable results.

Ultherapy®Amplify tightens and lifts the same deep membranes that are tightened with a surgical facelift. It is the only non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses focused ultrasound to stimulate the growth of new collagen deep within the skin. The production of new collagen occurs over time, so results can become more apparent over three to six months.   Learn More >

Dermal Fillers for the Dark Hollows Under Your Eyes

Monday, September 09, 2013

dermal fillers for eye dark circles in TucsonMost often, dark circles aren't about changes in the color of the skin at all. Instead, they're created by a loss of volume in the area around the eye. That exposes the orbital bone, creating a hollow trough that shows up as a dark circle. With the delicate eye area one of the first spots to reveal signs of aging, this can happen as early as the 30s or 40s.

Some people choose to get hyaluronic fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane, injected under their eyes. Fillers mimic a youthful look by correcting the contours of the eye socket  Learn More >

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Friday, May 31, 2013

UV skin protection in tucson We love Tucson in the summer; things slow down, school is out, traffic is lighter, and once the monsoons arrive the nights have a tropical, romantic feel to them. 

We also realize that the days can be amazingly hot, and the sun can do a good amount of damage to unprotected skin.  So we'd like to share how we enjoy our Tucson summers while keeping our skin healthy.  Learn More >

Keep It Simple for the Holidays!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Let's keep it simple for the upcoming holiday season! Here is your Age-Proofing Arsenal and some medical-grade products we particularly like.

• Cleanser:  Zap dullness and increase cell turnover with an exfoliating cleanser.  Small-grain exfoliating cleansers work well for most skin types and can brighten up your skin. Popular cleansers we sell - and use ourselves - are C-ESTA by Jan Marini (which is great not only to use daily but also excellent for use after chemical peels or laser treatments) and Obagi Foaming Gel, for normal to oily skin.  Learn More >

Ages and Stages: Here is What is Happening to Your Skin

Thursday, November 08, 2012

20s:  UVA rays, which age our skin, start to break down collagen (the protein that keeps skin firm)  and tiny lines will start appearing around the eyes.  We recommend that you apply a sunscreen first thing in the morning every day of the year.  Besides your face, apply some to your arms, neck and chest.  Your skin will thank you for it!    Learn More >

Can Medical BOTOX really help clear up acne?

Saturday, September 29, 2012 just put out an article touting Botox as the new way to combat acne.  We suggest you give it a read! Click to read article, written by Nikki Tucker, was extremely well written and caught our attention as the relationship between Botox and acne has been lightly discussed in the Medical Aesthetic field for a few years. Some doctors have claimed that Botox caused acne in their patients, but according to Tucker, Dr. Anil Shah, a plastic surgeon in Chicago, is convinced that it helps to clear it.  Learn More >

"Medspa Safety and Legislation- California Sets the Standard, We Hope Tucson Follows."

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A new Huffington Post article is bringing a lot of attention to the illegal operation of medical spas across the country. The article discusses the new proposed legislature in California, AB 1548,  which would change the fine for illegal operation of medical spas from $1,200 to $50,000.  Since the early July publication of the Huffington Post article, the legislation has since been passed into law. The legislation was created in response to the thousands of medical spas that opened in the last decade attempting to sell procedures at a cheaper price but without proper medical supervision. Most professionals in the field agree that the cheaper price can often result in a higher cost when it comes to customer safety. Procedures are being performed in illegal medical spas by individuals who are not sufficiently trained to insure the safety of their patients. California law states that all medical spa’s must be owned and supervised by a physician. There have been many documented cases of illegal practice resulting in burn victims from laser procedures and droopy facial features from misapplied Botox or injectables.   Learn More >

Manscaping- Laser Hair Removal For Men (Not As New of A Trend in Tucson As You Thought!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

It’s hard not to love the term “Manscaping.” It’s a little like “Brotox” in that it makes just a little bit of fun of men doing procedures that our society pegs as designated for women. We, however, happen to have the inside scoop. As we were the first in Tucson to offer Laser Hair Removal almost 20 years ago, we have had sufficient time to watch trends in hair removal come and go. Hair removal concerns for men, however, have proven to be far more consistent than a come-and-go trend! Don’t be fooled! There is nothing “new” about manscaping! You may be shocked to hear that men have made up around 50% or more of our laser hair removal clientele since the mid 90’s. The difference between now and then, is that men no longer have to keep the fact that they want groomed body hair a secret.   Learn More >

Summer's Almost Here- Greenspring Fills You In On What is Filling Up (Depigmenting IPL Photofacial)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It’s hard to believe that though it is close to 110 degrees in Tucson today, summer has yet to begin. Thursday officially marks the beginning of summer and we can’t wait to ring in the season with a full schedule and a load of happy patients. We look forward to the summer season all year. It seems that as soon as the weather heats up, all of our customers renew their dedication to beauty and health. Our rooms are filled with Microdermabrasions, Laser Hair Removal treatments, Depigmenting Photofacials and lately loads of people trying our new body contouring system- Venus Freeze.  Learn More >

Dr.Cadoux Discusses the Venus Freeze Body Shaping and Skin Tightening Technology

Monday, June 04, 2012

Board certified physician and cosmetic surgeon Alex Cadoux, MD is pleased to announce being the first in Tucson, AZ to offer Venus Freeze™, the latest FDA cleared technology for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction, Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening for the Face, Neck and Body

Venus Freeze employs a patented new technology which combines Multi-Polar RF and Pulsed Magnetic Fields. The Multi-Polar RF delivers fast, pain free, homogeneous heating to multiple tissue depths resulting in superior outcomes for body shaping and skin tightening. Pulsed Magnetic Fields technology has been used in traditional medicine for decades and is scientifically proven with regard to its regenerative properties.   Learn More >

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